4 days • 90 workshops • 4 parties
We do all the work, you have all the fun

June 15-18

We Dance Forró

The countdown for our 2017 festival has begun.



Forró Festival

1 great event and unforgettable 4 days and nights. You can count on 9 amazing dance rooms; 15 teachers, more than 90 workshops, over 500 participants and endless enjoyment.



The Forró de Domingo Festival is known to have the most fascinating forró teachers and focuses on delivering top quality classes. In 4 days you will have the unique opportunity to learn new moves and to develop your dance techniques with the world’s greatest forró teachers.

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Great Teachers

Almost 10 years ago the Forró de Domingo Festival brought the first wave of Forró teachers in Europe together. Now it’s time to bring this huge movement together once again. This year you, as a participant, get to choose who you want as a teacher on Europe’s greatest Forró Festival. Europe’s Forró dancers have the chance, for the first time, to choose who they wish to take classes within 2017’s Festival!



With over 500 participants every year, the Forró de Domingo Festival’s Parties have a wonderful atmosphere! 4 amazing parties, starting on Thursday with our traditional Barbecue. The venues are splendid and the choice of bands for Friday and Saturday is always one of our top concerns. This is also where teachers make their live presentations for the festival participants to see them at their best.

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We present to you our 4 day calendar of Forró de Domingo’s workshops. The Dancing Classes Facilities hosts 9 dance rooms; 90 dance workshops with over 500 participants. We want to offer you organic, dynamic and innovative sources of growth, sparing no creative resources. We believe in Forró as a cultural expression and lifestyle.

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June 15



Registration and free dance time


Festivals opening. Get together!


Workshops Starts


Second Round Starts

June 16th and 17th

Friday and Saturday


Registration and free dance time


Festival’s Workshops Starts


Second Round Starts


Third Round Starts

June 18

Sunday – Festival’s Last Day


Registration and free dance time


Have a snack, a warm drink and toast to the Festival


Workshops Starts


Last Round Starts

Learn All Day

Party All Night Forró de Domingo Festival

June 15 Thursday 19h00 • Forró & Grill

This is the first night to work on your new moves. It´s time for our welcoming Party! It starts with a very German Barbecue with lots of beer and a Forró selection made by our first guest DJ. Just enjoy and dance!

June 16 Friday 22h00 • Brasil Party “For All”

This is the first night with Live Forró and we present you with the second guest DJ! After working hard on your workshops all day, it is time to explore everything you have learned and try out your new skills on the dance floor.

June 17 Saturday 21h00 • Forrobodó Party

Forrobodó means excitement and limitless fun… Is anyone tired yet? Tonight our dance floor also becomes a stage when some of our teachers make their dance presentations, turning this party into a live dance show and of course, we have live music once again!

June 18 Sunday • Forró de Domingo

Sunday is shorter than any other day. It is also our traditional Forró de Domingo night at the downtown forró center in Stuttgart, 7Grad, ending at midnight. We know your feet can still make it, we all danced our way through Forró de Domingo Festival. So let’s dance one last night! Or just chill and have another German beer with your Forró de Domingo family!

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This year the decisive change in Europe’s Greatest Festival is the new system of choosing teachers. Each participant gets the chance to choose 9 different teachers, take a peek at every teachers that applied to give lessons at Forró de Domingo Festival 2017.

So, register now and tell us which teachers you choose for the 2017 festival! You only get to pick 9 out of +50 once you are registered!

Any teacher, literally from anywhere in the World is able to register as long as they regularly give forró classes where they live, and/or they have a long term name within the Forró.

There is a total of 15 teaching spots, 4 will be attributed to teachers coming from Brazil and 11 to teachers from Europe, Russia, Japan or anywhere else. The voting closes 3 months before the festival begins.

With this step we hope to give the opportunity to every Forró teacher in Europe and Brazil (and beyond) to be part of this wave. And we hope that dancing forró through 4 days and nights, together we can really make a significant contribution to the Forró movement as One.

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Festival Location

Our workshop location is centered and close to Bus and Tube Stations. Every classroom is designed for dance courses.

All dance parties are placed in areas picked by our team with great care, because they also dance Forró.

So trust us when we say, that every inch is carefully thought over to be best enjoyed!


Low Cost


If you choose to stay with us, our gym facility is an extension of our Festival. Offering a climate ambient, 600 meters away from the workshop location, where you can sleep for only 10,00€ per night. There are naturally clean bathrooms for women, men and mixed.

If this room gets full, you will have to look for accommodation by yourself. Regarding this you get a notification by e-mail.

Dance Class


All dance classes and the get together will take place here.

Tube and Bus stop are: Stadtmitte / Rotebühlplatz

Our address is Rotebühlplatz 28, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Main venue

Stuttgart Festival Hall

Events are held in the Main hall, workshops in Ground, First and Third floor dancing rooms


Rotebühlpl. 28, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany


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