Things you may have missed about Forró de Domingo Festival!

March 4, 2017 by Jiordano Terra0

Dear Forrozeiras & Forrozeiros,

The countdown for our 2017 festival has begun.


… There are some key questions regarding the new procedure of our Forró Festival this year.

I would love to give answer to all, I will try to give to most frequently asked ones.

Yes, it is true!

All 51 teachers & dance partners from our choosing system are invited to take part in this year’s Festival, making the event with their participation even richer.

They can make part in the Festival like you and me, participating in the classes, and dancing a lot at the parties

Many of you have asked us.

– How does the whole process of registration and voting for the teachers happened? Why are some known teachers missing?

We sent out personal invitations.

Some of them by phone call and others by private message. Every single teachers we knew were doing some kind of work with forró, we got in touch.

Besides that, we posted the information and registration form link on several forró pages in facebook, giving the opportunity for any teacher in the world to also participate.

The current list was created with all application we received:

ALL THESE TEACHERS, even if not selected to teach in the festival, are invited to participate in the event, making it with their presence, we believe, even richer than in previous years.

Another question is about teachers turn over.

– There were some teachers at the beginning of the choosing process, but now they just disappear. Why?

After choosing process began, some of the teachers decided to book other work opportunity.

Unfortunitely at the same time of our Festival, so they asked us to remove their application from our list.

There are also some concerns about festival schedule .

– I want to participate, but without schedule, I don’t know which day I should do it. How long do I have to wait?

Our new ticket system is very flexible and transferable.

Before the festival begins, you can always change day, level and even name of your ticket.

So no worries there. After we launch festival schedules on April, you can always change your ticket to fit your desire.

Last but not least.

– When is the choosing procedure closed? How are you going to decide about the choosen teachers?

The choosing process will end about 2 and a half to 3 months before the festival begins.

If we don’t achieve 1.000 votes until this date. The representative number we’ve defined.

Then we will need to think about making a compromise between the choosen ones and the requirements of the festival participants.

As we believe to know it from the experience and feedback of the past 9 years.

… There are much more to tell about everthing is happening around this event this year. I’ll try to write you more frequently, if you wish.

Cheers, Terra.