Marinho Braz


Marinho Braz

Marinho Braz in 1986 began his life as a 'passista mirin' at samba school, Beija-Flor of Nilópolis. He was also invited to parade in the Salgueiro and Portela samba schools.

In 1997 he made a trip for 9 months throughout the Brazilian northeast. After that in 1998 he was invited to creat a NEW style of forró pé de serra-universitário. It is the style that Brazil and the rest of the World today are developing.

He was Coordinator of Dances at the São Cristóvão Fair for 11 years. Project Coordinator in the "Projeto Semeando o Samba" in Lapa together with local radio in 2003 in the clubs: Carioca da Gema, RioScenárium and many others ...

Today he is coordinator at the RAL (Reboco das Artes Laranjeiras) together with his company - Cia Marinho Braz and his wife Laura.


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