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Márcio was born in Vila Itaúnas and Daiara was born in Linhares, both in northern Espírito Santo, Brazil. Vila Itaúnas is where the largest Forró Festival in Brazil happens every year. Márcio began attending the forró in Itaúnas at the age of 12 and learned to dance watching the natives of that region dancing in their own style. At age 15 Márcio partnered with Daiara, who had been dancing for over a year and she learned the Itaúnas style extremely fast and harmoniously. They formed a partnership which resulted in a high demand for classes in that style. In 2000 the couple began teaching at Bar Forró at Vila Itaúnas and in inns for travelers who were passing through the village, including some teachers who were interested in learning the typical dance style of native Itaúnas, as the teacher Marinho Braz. After several years teaching classes in Itaúnas, Márcio and Daiara and also gave lessons in Victoria, workshop in Brasil and later in Europe. The couple has a slightly different style of forró than the traditional or the universitário style, focusing mostly on leg movements and speed in spins.


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