Juliana Werner and Guilherme Veras



Juliana Werner is from south of Brazil, where she graduated in Physical Education (UFPel) and master in Sciences of Human Movement (UFRGS). She started her studies with dance in 2009 and since then has been experienced the dance scene on both, on the stage and backstage (having been acting as dancer, sound system operator, producer, stage producer, teacher, performer). Since July of 2015, when she presented for the first time her proposal of dialog between contemporary dance and forró at FENFIT – which now it’s been called “The Art of Embrace” - Juliana has been working with forró from a quite holistic approach. Focusing in aspects related with connection in partner dance and presenting a few tools collected in the past few years with her background specially with contemporary dance, pilates, contact improvisation, somatics, axis syllabus - she builds her classes focusing in connexion and dialog in partner dance. Inspired by Guilherme Veras, Juliana is now beginning a new adventure with Blues dance.


Guilherme Veras, is from Belo Horizonte, where he has been doing an important and consistent work with partner dances. His first contact with the culture from northeast of Brazil was at age of 12, when he started to play capoeira. Since there Veras has been researched and worked with several Brazilian cultural manifestations, among them forro and samba. Veras was dancer in of one of the most known and respected contemporary partner dance companies in Brazil called Mimulus. Since 2016, in his currents dance projects with his company Manifesto 1, Guilherme has approached partner dance as a form of communication, abolishing terminologies as leader/follower and the hierarchy of gender roles in partner dance. Teacher, dancer and producer, Veras is responsible for one of the oldest forros still active in Belo Horizonte, Forro da Serra ( But his performance is not limited to Brazilian cultural manifestations only. At this moment Guilherme Veras is in Europe researching the language of the Blues, in addition to his collaborations with Juliana Werner in London.


Additional Information

Grupo ou Escola de Dança: Manifesto 1
Especialidades de Aula no Festival (em inglês): Musicality Connection in partner dance "The Art of Embrace" History of Forro Samda de Gafieira for forro dancers Contemporary dance Contact Improvisation
Cidade e País de Origem: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Cidade e País onde vive atualmente: London, UK



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