Diandra Souza & Lucas Dumont



Diandra Souza, dancer for about eight years and teacher about five, Diandra Souza started dancing forró at Pé Descalço. Diandra gave workshops in many places of Brasil and in Europe, like German, France, Spain, Portugal and Japan and teach in two unity of Pé Descalço. She believes that dancing is not only the best exercise for the body and mind, but that it is also the best way of making friends and to achieve a peaceful life.


Lucas Dumont, dancer about 10 years and teacher about 7. Started dancing forró, samba and bolero, and today dances as well zouk, west coast swing and a little bit of salsa. Lucas participate of the Pé Descalço Presentation’s Group since it borns and gave workshops in many places, in and out of Brasil, like German, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia and Japan. Teachs in the first and oldest unity of Pé Descalço, and believe in the methodology and how dance can make something good to people. He believes that dance is a harmony and balance of 3 things: the dancer, the partner and the music.


Additional Information

Grupo ou Escola de Dança: Pé Descalço
Especialidades de Aula no Festival (em inglês): Musicality, connection, comfort, fast songs, complex movements and figures.
Cidade e País de Origem: Belo Horizonte Brasil
Cidade e País onde vive atualmente: Belo Horizonte Brasil



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