Forró de Domingo Festival. We need you to make it possible!

Welcome to Forró de Domingo Festival Choosing System.

This is the first time on our festival where you get to really participate on the organizing process. So, you shall tell us who you want to see teaching at this year’s edition!

Take a peek, compare and pick 9 out of +50 teachers!

Be aware it’s not possible to change your choise and you get to choose 9 teachers only. Remember, to begin  choosing, you will need to buy a festival ticket for at least one of the days. Party tickets are not enough to be eligible. Once you created an account on, put the same email address on the Eventbrite Festival Ticket.

Note: For the Eventbrite Account you can use a different email address, just on the tickets the email address must match the homepage accounts email address.

Total votes for the Contest “Forró Teacher” : 309