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In forró there is always following steps.

Check out how you can participate on choosing the teachers who will give lessons on this festival’s edition!


Step one

Access on top menu the option -> CHOOSE!

Where you can take a peek and pick your 9 teachers out of +50!

Step two

To give your vote, under your choosen teacher select the option ->VOTE NOW

Before choosing your teacher, you will be prompted to enter your user’s name and password.


Step three

If you already have register yourself, just fill in ->USER and ->PASS fields to log in.

If you have forget your access data here with us. Don’t worry on next step we’ll tell you what to do!

Step four

If you don’t remember your data, select the option ->LOST YOUR PASSWORD?

If you don’t have register yet here with us. Don’t worry on next step we’ll tell you what to do!


Step five

If you don’t have register here with us yet, select the option ->CREATE ACCOUNT

Just fill in ->USER NAME, -> E-MAIL ADDRESS and ->PASSWORD fields and then select ->CREATE MY ACCOUNT.

Step six

If you already have register here with us, go back to STEP FOUR

Other wise try another ->USER NAME and follow next steps.


Step seven

Welcome to our Festival Website!

Start by taking a peek on every teacher!

Step eight

To buy your ticket select option under teacher image.

You only get to choose after purchasing at least one day festival ticket.


Step nine

You will be redirect to our Ticket Platform ->EVENTBRITE

Here you get to choose what ticket to purchase. At least one day festival ticket is required to vote.

Step ten

After you have bougth at least your One Day Ticket go back to our page to ->CHOOSE!

Now you can take a peek and pick your 9 teachers out of +50!


Step eleven

Every time you choose a teacher, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail for confirmation.

Just fill in with your e-mail e confirm your vote.

Step twelve

Now you will receive a message ->VOTED SUCCESSFULLY

Just repeat this step to every teacher you choose and that is it.
You can also share with your Facebook friends!


Step thirten

Now you will see under your chosen teacher the word ->VOTED.

Thanks for your participation!

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Dear Forrozeiras & Forrozeiros,

The countdown for our 2017 festival has begun.

… There are some key questions regarding the new procedure of our Forró Festival this year.

I would love to give answer to all, I will try to give to most frequently asked ones.

Yes, it is true!

All 51 teachers & dance partners from our choosing system are invited to take part in this year’s Festival, making the event with their participation even richer.

They can make part in the Festival like you and me, participating in the classes, and dancing a lot at the parties

Many of you have asked us.

– How does the whole process of registration and voting for the teachers happened? Why are some known teachers missing?

We sent out personal invitations.

Some of them by phone call and others by private message. Every single teachers we knew were doing some kind of work with forró, we got in touch.

Besides that, we posted the information and registration form link on several forró pages in facebook, giving the opportunity for any teacher in the world to also participate.

The current list was created with all application we received: www.forrofestival.com/you-choose

ALL THESE TEACHERS, even if not selected to teach in the festival, are invited to participate in the event, making it with their presence, we believe, even richer than in previous years.

Another question is about teachers turn over.

– There were some teachers at the beginning of the choosing process, but now they just disappear. Why?

After choosing process began, some of the teachers decided to book other work opportunity.

Unfortunitely at the same time of our Festival, so they asked us to remove their application from our list.

There are also some concerns about festival schedule .

– I want to participate, but without schedule, I don’t know which day I should do it. How long do I have to wait?

Our new ticket system is very flexible and transferable.

Before the festival begins, you can always change day, level and even name of your ticket.

So no worries there. After we launch festival schedules on April, you can always change your ticket to fit your desire.

Last but not least.

– When is the choosing procedure closed? How are you going to decide about the choosen teachers?

The choosing process will end about 2 and a half to 3 months before the festival begins.

If we don’t achieve 1.000 votes until this date. The representative number we’ve defined.

Then we will need to think about making a compromise between the choosen ones and the requirements of the festival participants.

As we believe to know it from the experience and feedback of the past 9 years.

… There are much more to tell about everthing is happening around this event this year. I’ll try to write you more frequently, if you wish.

Cheers, Terra.


19 de February de 2017 forro_dev2

Together we can make the Forró scene, more participative!

We have received many messages on how forrozeiros e forrozeiras could level themselves from beginner to advance.

Please let us know what would you prefer!


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Holidays in Stuttgart

Nature and technology, history, festivals and performing arts make this city one of the most popular Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.

The Stuttgart attractions are varied and displayed with passion, from museums and cars to the vineyards and festivals. Located in southwestern Germany, the city has a large network of urban parks and is surrounded by sophisticated wine country of Württemberg.

The main square, the Palace Square, you can walk easily to the New Palace (Neue Schloss) in the Baroque style, the Old Palace (Altes Schloss) with centuries old and Königstrasse shopping center.

Rent a bike to explore the set of green spaces connected in Stuttgart, called Das Grüne U (Green U). This name refers to the shape of the parks network when viewed from above. Marvel at the views of the city from the observation tower at the Killesberg park to be guided. Take a picnic among the flower beds in the Palace Garden and admire the rose gardens at Rosenstein Park. Animals and exotic plants in Wilhelma Zoo nearby are also worth a visit.

Car fans will enjoy the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes Benz Museum, dedicated to the two famous car companies based in Stuttgart.

Learn about regional history at the National Museum, located in the Old Palace or see works of Picasso and other masters in the State Gallery. On a spring night, shuttle buses operate between 90 museums and galleries for Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums). Visit all with only one entry!

Have fun in a presentation of internationally renowned Stuttgart Ballet at the State Theatre, which also has opera pieces and performances.

Stuttgart have festivals throughout the year. Taste wines and regional dishes during the Stuttgart Wine Festival in the summer. Do not miss the Spring Festival Stuttgart, one of the seasonal fairs held in the same place where festivals take place in the Cannstatter Wasen. Another major event is the Cannstatter Volksfest in the fall, featuring beers and amusement park. In winter, learn the true meaning of the German word “gemütlich” (cozy) in Stuttgart Christmas Market.

Stuttgart has an efficient public transport system. The Stadtbahn and hiking subway are the best options for short trips to the major attractions of the city.

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Forró-Performance of Valmir & Juzinha (group Pé Descalço, Belo Horizonte) at the Brasil Party “For All” one of the biggest Forró parties in Europe. This party is part of Europe’s greatest Forró Festival: Forró de Domingo Festival 2015. Date: 29th May 2015 Location: Sängerhalle Untertürkheim Stuttgart, Germany Song: Afrorró Album: Famalé Artist: Marcus Viana, Sérgio Pererê e Zal Sissokho (Senegal). Percussion and Drums: Daniel Guedes. Bass: Rafael Eloi Credits: Camera-Work: Irina Bogatyreva, Mikhail Orekhov, Moritz Lenz, Natascha Wyss, Sebastian Badea DOP/Edit: Sebastian Badea Supervision: J. Terra Pasqualini — Dança Bonito