Thamyra Miranda


Thamyra Miranda began her dancing career as a child. Since then she participated in several activities aimed to improve her relationship with her body: Jazz, Classic Ballet, Ballroom Dance, Urban Dance, Acting, Music, Contact and Improvisation and also several courses for training in the area of Forró and Ballroom Dancing. Currently she is a Graduate student in Dance at FMU University, with an emphasis on Arts, Sport and Education, and also perfects her studies at the Training Course of Ballroom Dance Teacher Jaime Arôxa. She is currently Director and Teacher at Pé Descalço School, São Paulo unit, where she teaches and promotes laboratories, physical and social experiences for students. She develops, in parallel, the PD Social project, which offers scholarships, professional, artistic, human and personal development for young people from a low social class. Since 2014, she teaches and participates in several workshops and forró festivals in order to research and promote culture in other regions of Brazil and the world, such as: Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Itaúnas, Santa Catarina, France, Germany, Switzerland and Russia. She was a judge in Forró championships in Brazil, such as: the prestigious Copa Brazil Forró, in 2015 and 2016. In 2016 she also became a member in the Terceira Categoria dance group, which is developing in-depth research on the scenic dance through forró language. She has traveled to various regions of Brazil researching Forró and popular Brazilian Dances. Her current focus is to continue researching, fostering and developing Brazilian popular culture and dance.




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