Sérgio Nakazawa


Me and my wife knew each other in Japan and soon after we knew Forro. It was in 2008. Our coach was in Japan but a few years ago they back to their country, so we decided to teach forro in 2011. Well, since them many students increased and we divided a classes and started our own dance school called Nosso Forro. Now we have many students, also we gave a workshop in Tokyo a few times. Also we graduated many classes Forro changed our lives. It helped us be fit physically and mentally. It give us more energy, self esteem and it also stimulates our motor coordination from our body to our mental condition. Forro is my life!!! I would be very happy if I were invited for that wonderful event and it would be my first time I could show our work and my knowledge about dance.


Larissa Iwasaki




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