Ricardo H. Zambon

I was born in Valinhos, a small town in the state of São Paulo. In 2005, I began to learn to dance Forró in a well-known nightclub and Campinas dance school called Cooperativa Brasil. For many years this dance school was the main reference of Forró Universitário in the state. At the end of 2005, after undergoing a selective process, I started as a student in the dance group of Cooperativa Brasil where I stayed for a year. In 2006, I started giving classes of Forró at Cooperativa as leisure and did it until 2012, the year in which the place was closed. At that same year, I started my degree in Physics Education at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and Forró has become since then my main source of income. In 2014, together with another partner, William Mansini, we founded the school of Forró Universitário “Proibido Cochilar” with the proposal of teaching Forró in a fun and entertaining way so that these concepts could overcome the limits of the classrooms, adding to the life from the students. With the school’s growth, in 2015 we joined other partner, Daniel Darbello, and we saw the need to increase our physical space. Thus, we founded Barracão da Dança. 2015 was also the year in which we participate for the first time of Copa Forró. As the main coach and technical advisor, I have collaborated with our three teachers Aline Ferreira, Fernanda Brito and Wenderson Rocha so that we could obtained the 4th place in Pé de Serra Salão mode and 2nd place in Pé de Serra Estilos, both in the semi professional category. In 2016, we participated of Forró Copa again; this time with a larger group and more time to trace our goals. Leading the group, I created a training program to improve the couple’s connection, the musicality and the expansion of lady’s autonomy in order to have a more dialogic and harmonious dance between the couples. With the total dedication of the team, the results appeared. Aline Ferreira, Fernanda Brito, Ana Carolina Darbello, Matheus Franco and Wenderson Rocha obtained significant results from Copa Forró 2016: they were champions from Forró Pé de Serra, Estilos and Salão mode in the semi professional category and vice-champions and 3rd place in Forró Pé de Serra Estilos, professional category. Today we are undoubtedly one of Forró Universitário’ school most prized of our region.





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