Ricardo Ferreira

Ricardo‘s first experience with dance was in the summer of 2008 dancing and doing Tango classes. It was a nice a experience but not that huge passion he felt the next summer while dancing and learning Forró. “Dancing Forró Universitário brings us, since always, intoxicating joy and happiness. This ballroom dancing, born of the fusion of several dances, quickly becomes contagious and awakens in us the desire to share with others all that fullness. Therefore, we have been consolidating our will to teach you the complete dance structure, rules and language of Forró Universitário, and thus sharing our passion for dance.” He did 4 years of classes with Pablo Dias and after 2 years he was the one making all the substitutions when Pablo was teaching outside. He also has participated in many festivals and workshops as student with all the best forró teachers around. He gave forró workshops a little bit all over Europe: London, Moscow, Berlin, Hamburg and even to new places like Riga in Latvia and Faial in Azores (Portuguese Islands). Besides Forró he has been dancing Kizomba and Contact & Improvisation. Apart from dancing, he did Aero Acrobatics and does Climbing in a regular basis. Forró is just a passion and not a way of living for Ricardo, to make a living he teaches Hatha Yoga for 10 years now in CPYOGA, Centro Português de Yoga that exists in Lisbon for 30 years and as a company of marketing and communication.


For Katia Mendes, dance has always accompanied her life, she did ballet when she was very young, at age 7 learned hip hop, a style she explored in different schools between Switzerland and Portugal. She went to Andanças, a world dance/music festival in Portugal, and this awakened her interest for couples dances. Got hooked by Forró because of its simplicity and beauty. She has been teaching with Ricardo Ferreira for almost 2 years now. Being a Yoga instructor gave her some important tools for dance such as balance, posture, flexibility and body awareness.




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