Pé Rapidinho & Anna Pak



Aleksei Pak (aka Pé rapidinho), was born in 1984 in Bishkek city, Kyrgyzstan. Since 1994 he lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. First time he heard about forró was in 2009 through Aleksei Kirillov (aka Articulado), the Cheif of Forró ao Vivo group and was one of his first students. In 2011 they put together the first forró-band in Russia called “Não é Proibido” where he plays guitar and sings. In 2011 he took part in the first Forró Festival of his life, “Forró de Domingo” in Stuttgart, Germany. Since the end of 2012 he has been teaching forró in Forró ao Vivo school. In 2013 he went to Brazil and took part in a lot of live forró concerts, classes and workshops and met a lot of inspiring forró people. He was inspired by forró pé de serra music, clubs and people and when he returned to Russia he decided to focus on forró pé de serra. In 2014 he thought that it would be great if forrozeiros in St. Petersburg would have their own forró place and in 2014 opened their own Forró club called “ForAll”. Since 2013 he did lots of workshops in different cities of CIS countries. Since 2015 he was invited to teach on european forró scene (Festivals and workshops in Lisbon, London, Berlin). He loves forró for its freedom and rhythmic diversity and his way of dancing very depends on music. He loves to give classes about musicality, footwork and energy.

Anna Pak comes from St Petersburg, Russia, and was introduced to Forró by her brother Aleksei Pak. Initially she had Forró classes in Russia, and after a few months she decided that living in Brazil and getting to know the Brazilian experience first-hand was the way to go. After taking classes in several cities and schools, she felt pulled in to the Pé Descalço school and its energy. There she also attained the highest dancing level: vermelha (red). Always searching for a better feeling in dancing, she participated in a lot of festivals, trying to get all the variety of forró styles.




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