Pablo & Margarida


Forró teacher since: 1998

Specialities: Musicality, Dynamic, turns, Legs, posture, acrobatics, body movements.


Pablo was borns in Minas Gerais, where he grew up to music and dance. He discovered the Forró Universitário when he was 14 in Belo Horizonte. By the time he was 16 years old he was already giving lessons, starting then his career as a teacher. Four years later Pablo started his own forró project in Portugal, where this dance was still unknown, and introduced the forró in Lisbon as a co-founder of the Portuguese Forró Association. Pablo is today a renown teacher, musician and composer and hosts the popular Forró de Lisboa Festival in July.


Margarida Pires has been a student and Pablo Dias partner for the last three years. She previously had 4 years of experience in afro and latin dances. She is also a Physical Education Teacher and a Personal Trainer.




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