Marcinho, born in Salvador-Brazil, had his first contact with forró in 2003, going out to parties. One year later, he felt the need to get deeper into culture and dance by studying the masters and contributors of Traditional Forró (Forró Pé-de-serra). During his improvement, he learned to sensitive himself by the music, trying to transform it into movement. Like Marcinho always says: “I don’t dance forró, it’s the forró that makes me dance!”. In 2006, he woke up to his gift of teaching and from that moment got engaged in the world of forrozeiros. In 2007 he started to dedicate himself to Samba de Gafieira, that became his second passion on life. In 2013 he moved to Bordeaux-France in order to promote his culture and strengthen the forró movement in Europe. During this time he has been teaching and sharing the culture of these wonderful dances.

Partner: Erica Viana, born in Salvador-Brazil, started dancing at the of age five, as a Classic ballet dancer and for fifteen years her body improved the classic lines that now feature in her forró style. The interest in Forró came later, through parties and became more and more important to her until it was not just fun, but a great passion. She surrendered with pleasure to this philosophy and it evolved to the responsibility of giving classes together with her brother, Danilo Viana, creator of Forró Mandakaia. The partnership lasted 7 years, when she was invited to teach in a traditional group of forró, Forró Danado, where she was the only teacher for two years. In the last two years, she devoted herself to Samba de Gafieira, which also became a great influence in her forró style.




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