Luiz Forró do Rio

Founder of Grupo Cultural Forró do Rio – a company that promotes and takes part in music and dance performances and events – also known as Luiz Forró do Rio, he has been working as a dance teacher and cultural events producer since 1998. He has specialised in Brazilian folkloric dance courses taught by the capoeira master Davi Santos (Mestre Davi Mico Preto), has become a Capoeira graduated teacher at Centro Cultural Senzala and was a member of Trupe Forró nas Alturas until the foundation of Forró do Rio.

The highlights of his career would be his work as a dancer in the international show Star Brazil, the dance performances accompanying Mestre Zinho and his work on TV as choreographer of the contest called Talento Família on the show TV Xuxa (Rede Globo television network). An enthusiast of Northeastern Brazilian culture, Luiz dedicates his life, both personally and professionally, to forró pé-de-serra. Highlights of Recent Years . Performance at Arraiá do Bangalafumenga at Vivo Rio venue (Rio de Janeiro, 2015) . Forró workshops in Brussels (Belgium, 2015) and in Paris (France, 2016) . Performance at La Tentation venue in Brussels (Belgium, 2016) . Forró do Rio Workshop at Casa de Dança Carlinhos de Jesus dance school (Rio de Janeiro, 2016) . Free classes at OliAle – Germany ́s House in the Olimpic Games in Rio de Janeiro (August-September 2016)




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