Jidu Emiliano Pasqualini


Jidu was born in Rio de Janeiro, grew up in São Paulo and since 1996, he lives in Stuttgart. He is one of the pioneers of the Forró movement in Germany, as teacher and as organizer of the Forró de Domingo, Brasil Party, Dança Bonito dance school and the Forró de Domingo Festival. Since 2001, he also works freelance as actor, applied drama teacher, storyteller and circus trainer (for children and young people) in Germany, Swiss, Spain, South Africa and Brazil. His work with performing arts gave him a special vision of contact, moving and flowing. This knowledge of movement and pedagogy gives him a particular teaching style.


Julia Pasqualini The knowledge in ballet, hungarian folk and yoga doesn’t give Julia only a special touch to her dancing style and teaching, but also a profound dance feeling and body knowhow. Since 2010 in the forro movement Stuttgart, she gives a special importance to personal attitude and dance harmony.




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