Jadu Pasqualini

Jadu was born in São Paulo and grew up there. Due to his brothers’ influence, he decided just to do Forró. He started to teach in Ludwigsburg and later on in Stuttgart as well. Here, he has his own dance group. Today, Jadu teaches regular classes in different schools and universities in Stuttgart and around (e.g., in Tübingen). He is co-organiser of the Forró de Domingo parties and the Forró parties in Tübingen on Fridays.


Ana Jincharadze grew up in Tibilisi, Georgien. Ana came to Stuttgat back in 2006 to study at the Musikhochschule and between her studies she discovered Forró, where Jadu and her started to teach together at the University of Stuttgart and in Waldorf Units. Ana is also a Pro Pianist and Singer.



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