Guilherme Veras


Guilherme Veras, has 17 years of involvement with the culture “Nordestina”. He is an educator and producer, specialised in “ballroom dancing” and Capoeira. He produced and participated in various events in Belo Horizonte as: Clube Latino, Forró de 8 Baixos, Forró da Melancia, Minas Roots, among many others. He was a dancer for 5 years in the Experimental Group Mimulus, considered the most important CIA World Ballroom Dancing and has participated in various festivals and events in the world’s dance scene ( Today he is the producer of “Forró da Serra”, which has a community of about 40,000 people involved (, the “BH Forro Festival” ( and CIA Director MANIFESTO 1 ( An active member forró dancer community, his goal is to create opportunities for training professionals in Brazilian dances.


Luiza Alvarenga began her dance studies in 2005, from ballroom dancing, including all rhythms like forró, samba, bolero, salsa, zouk, tango, lindy hop, fluffy, rock, waltz and foxtrot. She got much of her training in Mimulus, one of the most prestigious couples dance academy within the art scene, not only in Brazil, but in the world, where she was a dancer in the Experimental Group for 4 years, sharpening her artistic experiences. She participated in the Youth Dance Group to specialise her studies in contemporary dance, with the coordination of Fabio Dornas and Esther France, Movasse collective of dancers. During this process, which lasted about 4 years, Luiza Alvarenga participated in urban interventions in a large circuit throughout Minas Gerais, in addition to stage shows and projects like Mix Dança, presenting the Dance Box at the SESC Palladium. With the Group Dança Jovem, she also participated in cultural exchanges with the groups, Balé Jovem (Palácio das Artes) and Quasar Jovem (Goiás). In Perth (Australia), where she lived for one year and in Bali (Indonesia), she gave several workshops with Damiano Ciranna (Italy), focusing on Brazilian rhythms like forró, samba and zouk, expanding her take on couples dancing making it more expressive when improvising. Passionate about dance and its different expressions, she is also opening her horizon to Vintage Dance, including burlesque and solo blues. Her main focus is to amplify the notion of the many paths that the body can travel through, prioritising in her classes to show the possibilities that each rhythm provides, with comfort and freedom of movement.




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