Fred Viana

Frederico Viana is an enthusiast of the Brazilian culture. Since 1998 when he learned to dance forró Pé de Serra, he was always searching for festivals and good teachers to improve. He was a dance teacher for 5 years, where the classes alternated with chemical engineering studies. In addition to forró, Frederico has taught salsa for years (LA style) and is also a lover of other rhythms, like samba de gafieira. He has participated in dance congresses in several countries, such as forró festivals in Itaúnas and salsa congresses in Australia, New Zealand, France and Argentina. Currently Frederico is on his sabbatical in Europe and Asia, where he has attended and taught in the major forró festivals in 2016: Copenhagen, Munique and Pé na Terra (Camila Alves partner), Festival Vem Vem (Weggis). Workshops in many cities: Amsterdam (invited by Juliana Braga), Paris, Istambul, Warsaw, Hamburg, Rome, Padova, Milan, Moscow, St Petersburg.




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