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Forró Evandro Paz

Evandro Paz is a much respected teacher, and always holds interesting classes that fascinates his students. Look out for some clever footwork… Evandro’s expertise has always been the Forró Pé-de-Serra style of Forró as seen in many night clubs in São Paulo. Many current forró teachers were his students. Evandro has been working with Forró since 1995, sharing his skills in classes and workshops worldwide as well as at one of the most famous and traditional clubs in Brazil, Remelexo Brasil in São Paulo. He’s graduated in dance from the University Anhembi Morumbi focusing his studies on bringing pupil’s attention to their balance and movement through steps and body awareness. His teaching style focuses on leading and following using all parts of the body, through various techniques in the dance to understand more deeply the concept and dynamics of the couples harmony that makes Forró so special.




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