Cleiton Lima


Cleiton Lima

Cleiton Lima comes from São Paulo Brazil, from a family that dances traditional samba and samba rock; since he was a child he has been involved with dance. Samba & Samba rock was never his true passion however he still enjoyed it, just wasn’t fully in love with it. He danced samba rock with his family until 1990, when famous lambada singer – Beto Barbosa started playing in São Paulo and he really loved the style of the dance with more rhythm then a traditional samba & danced lambada and other Latin styles as Axé & Brazilian zouk, but still something was missing. In 1997 he learned about the clubs called Centro Cultural Elenko KVA, Canto da Ema & Remelexo Brasil that were playing a new style of music from the northeastern culture and that style was called Forró. He started learning how to dance this new dance movement by going to the nights & practicing at home. Slowly using the moves he learned at home by watching other dancers, he started to put into practice by starting his night at Canto da Ema, then straight to Remelexo and once that closed he would go to KVA to finish the night. His passion was found. Since then, he is constantly working on perfecting his universitário style and combine all his previous dance experiences to enrich Forró. Lives & Teaches in London with FORROZEAR group and is associated with other Forró groups such as Forro Brincado, Forro de Nice and others. He is so passionate that once the music starts playing he doesn’t stop until the last song ends.

Partner: Alexandra Stratilatova has been in the Forró community for about 4 years, but whoever sees her dance or actually dances with her cannot believe it as it seems to be a lifetime of Forró. She learned Forró with her partner Cleiton Lima and from there she got engaged with Forró in a manner that she was always seeking for perfecting her skills. Nowadays she teaches with Forrozear group and has a beautiful dancing style.




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