Cacau Moutinho



Forró teacher since: 2002

Specialities: Rhythms, turns and figures, movements and sequences, leg movements.

Cacau Moutinho was born in Bahia, Northeast Brazil. He began his path and career as a forrozeiro in 1993. Attending the traditional June Festivities in Serrinha, his hometown.

Cacau has over 14 years of experience teaching forró. He started giving classes in 2002 in Brazil. Later, in 2008, he moved to Lille in France with the intention to share the Brazilian Northeastern culture.

Cacau has travelled the world giving classes and workshops in numerous festivals and sharing his love for forró.

Native of Bahia (Serrinha), he decided to devote himself entirely to music after he graduated from university. He playedas a percussionist (zabumba) in several bands like: Percatilha de Couro, Xote Civilizado and Rockxotesambareggaenogalope.

In France, he is fully involved with the Brazil Afro Funk Association and plays in 3 bands: Forro Pitu, Samba de Bamba and Choco Brazileiro. His great experience as a dancer and musician in Brazil leads him to give forró classes, workshops and presentations. Therefore participate in developing forró in Lille and Europe with the help of his partner Lydie. Who’s also an artist of the Association.

New places, new name, the second Forró Festival of Lille, VAMO QUE VAMO, is released!

The beating of the heart forró in Lille with Vamo que Vamo – Festival organised by the Collective Afro Funk Brazil .

The Forro, native rhythm of northeastern Brazil is a dance on par with festive, warm and sensual mood. Come with Vamo que Vamo into the night. Cacau and Lydie, forró ambassadors in Lille, invite everyone to discover this irresistible rhythm.

The festival takes place at the Gare Saint Sauveur with the support of Lille 3000. At the Maison Folie Wazemmes and jar. On the program: dance and music workshops, forró balls and friendly commitments.


Lydie Fruleux awarded from a double degree (dance and academic). She has chosen to be an artist. Only after obtaining her degree in Political Science, she has opted to become a professional dancer.

She joined the Brazilian dance company « Aqua L Rêve » in 2006. In 2008, she created and chairs the association “Biscoitinho” to develop the Forró dance in Lille. And to organize the European Forró Festival of Lille « Vamo Que Vamo ».

On her frequent journey to Brasil, she follows different formations of Brazilian dances, including at the « Fundação Cultural » and at the « Folkloric Ballet of Bahia ». At the prestigious school of Carlinhos Jesus in Rio and participates in the great Brazilian carnivals.

Meanwhile, Lydie follows a professional Jazz dance training at Studio 920 in Quièvrechain. Aiming to obtain the Dance Teacher State Diploma. With her experience of jazz and Brazilian dancer, in 2012 Lydie became a choreographer for many Brazilian and jazz shows.

Several structures will use its Brazilian choreographer expertise (Lille 3000 Opening -parade Renaissance 2015, the University of Lille 2 for the 1st edition of Sport and Culture project “Casa Fest” in April 2015). Since 2010, Lydia developed a repertoire of lyrical songs at in Music Conservatory of Mons-en-Baroeil.

Then she became interested in American tap dance. Musically, she plays as a percussionist and chorister in different groups of Forró. On the teaching side, she offers courses of Brazilian dances with or without percussion, courses for children and for various structures. It’s been 8 years with her partner, Cacau Moutinho, that she is offering Forró courses. Disseminating this dance locally and across many festivals in Europe.




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