Bruno Prado


Bruno Prado

Forró teacher since: 2012

Specialities: Beginner: Hug, connections and hip movements. Intermediate: Turns and poses. Advanced: Turns with complex arm movements and acrobatics. Open class: Forro Cassino.

Foto Professores de forró Bruno Prado e Diana Richter



Teacher, dancer and choreographer. Bruno Prado was born in Rio de Janeiro and began his journey in 2008.

He started to learn all the brazilian ballroom kind of dances. He studies Forró since 2009, in and out of Rio de Janeiro.

Qualified by the dance school of Alex de Carvalho. Bruno brought a joyful style with a lot of energy in Forró by creating his own style. It has been almost 3 years that he is doing tours all over Europe.

His main goal is to spread Forró all around. With fantastic performances and an endless sympathy. Conquering more and more places in the world for the sake of Forró. He has taught in many different festivals, congresses and workshops. Over 20, but who's counting, right?

Beside forró, Bruno teaches Samba de Gafieira and Zouk.



Diana Richter, born and raised in Düsseldorf, dances with passion since she's three years old. She works at dance schools and academies and also as an independent dance-teacher and Choreographer. Diana is most familiar with modern contemporary dance, hip-hop and elementary dance. Before that she practiced Ballett , cheerleading and dance floor and participated in many competitions.

She studying sports and dance in Cologne and also finished a three years dancers education. Since 2 1/2 years Diana also practices Forró and teaches it now alongside with Samba de Gafieira, in Düsseldorf. Since the beginning of the year 2017 she's also learning how to dance Zouk after the method of Alex de Carvalho. 2015 she became a member of a dance theater ensemble which produced successful performances throughout the last two years.

Diana gives classes and workshops in Latin dance and also re-presents at shows and events.

Because her love and passion for dance is such inspiring and so important to her it is a honor for her to share this passion with other people.


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  • ovalerio

    30 de January de 2017 at 14:54

    I found, Bruno is very good at explaining complicated things in an easy way that everybody would understand.
    Nice addition to my dream teacher team. Yeiiiiyyy!!

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