Bruno Figueiredo


Bruno Figueiredo

Forró teacher since: 2000-2002, 2008-2009, 2012

Specialities: “Xote- caipira from the late 90’s”. As simple and humble as possible.
Dancing close and moving together through the whole room.

In 2007 Bruno Figueiredo, forró instructor and the main responsible for ForrÓSLOzeiros, started the first class of forró at the University of Oslo (Blindern). Bruno was a forró teacher also in his home town Ouro Preto in Brazil from 1999-2001, at the time when the style Forró Universitário, was starting to get popular in Brazil. Last year the ForrÓSLOzeiros used the name Torsdagsforró (Forró on Thursdays) and have organised various workshops and classes of forró. Many Norwegians, Brazilians and people from other nationalities have started to dance forró after participating in their classes. We will continue to spread the dance throughout Norway in the future.

Partner: Cathrine Kruge




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