Bruno and Crys


Bruno & Crys

Forró teacher since: 1998

Specialities: Forró, Sertanejo, Samba de Gafieira.

Bruno Franchi & Crys Franchi, or simply Bruno & Crys, are one of the most charismatic couples of Brazilian dance. He graduated in Physical Education. She teaches Belly Dance. Both of them was born in Campinas, São Paulo.

They entered the professional world of Forró in the 90s, when they met. They started a successful partnership as teachers and dancers. Traveling throughout Brasil studing different ways of Forró, from all over the country.

In the period 2000-2010, they founded the Casa da Dança, which became the biggest dance schools in Brasil. And became Two-Time Brazilian Forró Champions. Recurrent and constant teachers in the largest Ballroom Dance and Forró Congresses in Brasil, they are known for extreme tuning on dance.

Bruno has a refined musical interpretation, and transit comfortably between the various Forró languages presented in Brasil. They combine movements and culture of traditional stiles. Together they transform new possibilities for body and steps interpretation.


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