Axel de Barros


>Axel de Barros

Forró teacher since:

Axel was born in Rio de Janeiro and since 2016 he lives in Geneva. Where he gives regular classes for the group Forró de Genebra. In 2010 Axel was accepted to benefit from a scholarship offered by Jaime Arôxa school of dance. He learned forró and other styles of dance, such as samba de gafieira, zouk, bolero and salsa. During this period he has became assistant. And started giving some private courses and act as monitor. Eventually helping others teachers. During all this time Axel made forró his favourite style. He became a very easy figure of the busy forró scene of Rio de Janeiro, that he frequented assiduously. From 2015 on Axel started giving some workshops and participating of some events in Switzerland. Where he definitively stablished beginning of 2016. Axel loves to mix forró with other styles of dance, such as gafieira and tango, and explores a lot footwork, contact and musicality.




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