Áurya and Miguel Gomes


Miguel & Aurya

Forró teacher since: 1999

Specialities: Low Whip and variations (arm movements), Roots Walk with stop (foot movements), Playing with women’s feet, Movement with stops/breaks and Lady Styling.


Miguel & Aurya

Áurya is a well renowned teacher of ballroom dancing in Rio de Janeiro, for her outstanding work in lessons, concerts and organising dance events. For 20 years, she has been teaching all styles of ballroom dances as well as Argentinian tango. In 2006, she earned the title Brazilian Champion of Tango Show and represented Brazil at the IV World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has served as a principal dancer of the musicals: Caminito, Gardel, “Piazzolla – Tango and Passion”, Señor Tango and recently “Libertango, Piazzolla A spectacle”. Áurya has taught courses of tango in CAP – Curso de Atualização Profissional organised by Sindicato de Dança – Rio de Janeiro. She has participated three times as a judge at the International Dance Festival of Cabo Frio other festivals. Also, she has participated in the Review Board in proof of obtaining registration in Dança de Salão do Sindicato de Dança in the state of Rio de Janeiro and as a teacher in the II and III Brazilian Congresses of Tango 2015 and 2016, and BHT – I Tango Congress in Belo Horizonte – 2015. In 2014, Áurya started a partnership with forró teacher Miguel Gomes, and since then they teach regular classes of forró at Espaço Mosaico in Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro. Always wanting more knowledge, Áurya Pires is working on her dance degree from the University Cândido Mendes – Ipanema, as well as doing a preparatory course for zouk teachers through the project “Zouk Needs You”, taught by Val Clemente. Currently, she is taking classes of samba de gafieira with renowned teacher and mestre Jimmy de Oliveira. 2015 · Rome Forró Festival – Rome · Forró de Lisboa Festival – Lisbon Workshops in: Florence, Barcelona, London, Stockholm, Munich, Paris. 2016 · Forró Camp Festival – Les Costes · Pisa na Fulo Festival – Barcelona · Forró Amsterdam Festival – Amsterdam · Freiburg Forró Marathon – Freiburg · Forró de Colonia Festival – Cologne · Forró Aachen Festival – Aachen Workshops in: Lisbon, Dublin, London, Berlin, Zurich, Stockholm, Novosibirsk, Essen.


Miguel Gomes is Brazilian, born and brought up in Rio de Janeiro, but with family from the northeast of Brazil, Miguel got in touch with forró at an early age – always spending the holidays in the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas. In 2002, he started taking classes with teacher David “Mico Preto” and got to become a part of his dancing group “Forró Nas Alturas”. He continued learning with teacher Luiz Henrique – “Forró do Rio”, and later became his assistant at the Ginga Brasil Academy. Further, Miguel expanded his knowledge of dance through learning samba de gafieira and ballroom dances with teacher Sandro Suzano. At the Jaime Arôxa Academy, Miguel had classes of samba de gafieira with teacher Paulinha Leal and zouk and tango classes with teacher Úrsula Geremias, as well as studying samba de gafieira with teacher and mestre Jimmy de Oliveira. At the moment, Miguel is taking classes with Jimmy de Oliveira, Paulinha Leal and Val Clemente. Also, Miguel is regulary meeting other forró teachers to exchange ideas and learn new things to keep developing his dance. For some years, Miguel held classes as a subsititute teacher for teachers Luiz Forró do Rio, Marquinhos do Forró, Tiago Salgado “Tyson”. In 2014, he started a partnership together with Aurya Pires, and is since then giving regular classes at Espaço Mosaico, in Laranjeiras – Rio de Janeiro. One year later, Miguel was invited as a teacher to the Forró Festival in Rome, Italy, which was the start of his international career. Later, more invitations followed and in August 2016, Miguel left Rio for his second Europe tour, giving classes at the big forró festivals in Europe.




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