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André Droichi

Forró teacher since: 2010

Specialities: Leg twists, “caminhadas”, traveling and shifts.


Fernanda Squariz

André Droichi, 36 years old, began to attend the forró and research forró culture in 1999. He attended KVA, Particulino, Remelexo (where he first fell in love with the dance style). He became a member of the Remelexo student group in 2004, where he studied forró until 2009, mentored by Evandro Paz. During this period, Droichi accompanied Evandro Paz in his workshops and classes in various schools in the city of São Paulo, where he started to teach as an assistant. He studied human morphology, where he learned about depth anatomy, physiology and biophysics which has been helpful in his understanding of the movements and possibilities of the human body. In 2010, he started giving classes in a project called “project Urucum”. In 2012, André Droichi returned to Remelexo Brasil, as an official teacher. He has worked exclusively with dance since then, private classes and group classes (in which the priority is the learning of the concept and the body and the execution of technique). He taught at the last two conventions in Santos/Brasil (Forrozeá 2015 and 2016). He also taught at Sesc, São Paulo and countryside. Now, André Droichi aims to take his style and knowledge abroad and is looking forward to work in Europe. He dances fluently as leader and follower. His specialty are leg twists, caminhadas, moving and shifting and the understanding and control of the body.


Fernanda Squariz, 28 years old, started her career in forró 15 years ago, attending the forró dance clubs in São Paulo. She started to study forró and other ballroom dance rhythms in 2009 at the Jaime Aroxa school of Dance. She then continued her studies at the Cia Terra school and has been a teacher there for a number of years. Squariz was a student at Remelexo where she also currently teaches. She is the cultural producer of the social movement of the Forró na Quebrada that aims to disseminate and foster forró in underprivileged areas of São Paulo. She also teaches other dances such as bolero, samba de gafieira and salsa.




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