What do YOU consider to be beginner, intermediate and advanced level?

19 de February de 2017 by forro_dev2

Together we can make the Forró scene, more participative!

We have received many messages on how forrozeiros e forrozeiras could level themselves from beginner to advance.

Please let us know what would you prefer!


  • Wolfgang

    19 de March de 2017 at 18:38

    I’m very confused how to vote for the skill determination !!
    There were radio buttons to select an opinon – but I wasn’t logged in — now I’m logged in but can’t find the radio buttons any more !!

    • content

      20 de March de 2017 at 04:32

      Dear Wolfgang, how are you doing?

      It is really strange behaviour you’ve describe.

      We couldn’t reproduce it.

      Have you try choosing in a different web browser?

      If that doesn’t do the trick, please get back at us.

      We appreciate your contact.

      Best regards.
      Forró de Domingo team

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